The company will take part in the subcontracts exchange witch will be held in the Belarusian Industrial Forum 2012

     May 15, 2012 the subcontract exchange will be held during the Belarusian Industrial Forum – 2012. It is specialized event for development of cooperative relations between large small and medium industrial enterprises.
     Department of the Ministry of Economy, Regional executive committees, Minsk City Executive Committee, Center for industrial cooperation (subcontracting) Small Business Incubator       CJSC "MAPZAO" Minsk district.
     The subcontracts exchange will have two stages.
     First step: the customer (the contractor) fills the form for participation in the subcontract exchange.The centre for industrial cooperation (subcontracting) processes the forms and places the orders online www.subcontract.by in the section " Subcontracts Exchange ". The center  informs potential suppliers (subcontractors) on  incoming orders.
     The supplier (subcontractor) selects an order (orders are placed online www.subcontract.by in the section "Subcontract Exchange "), fills the qualification card of a company to participate in the negotiations.
     Second step is holding Subcontracts Exchange, May 15, 2012.It is preliminary negotiations of the customer with potential suppliers (address: Minsk Pobediteley, 20/2, football arena).
Participation in the subcontract exchange is free of charge.
     Details information about the subcontracts exchange, as well as the participation of JSC "Borisov plant" Avtogidrousilitel ", a form of the customer, a qualification card of a company posted on www.subcontract.by.
     We invite all interested people to take part in this event, to establish cooperative ties for further cooperation.

OJSC “Borisov plant “Avtogydrousilitel”
222518, Republic Of Belarus
Minsk reg. Borisov city, Chapaeva str., 56
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