Hydraulic booster pump

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Guided-vane pump of double action. Designed for functioning in steering control system of automobiles with heightened comfort *Abutting joint of pressure hose, thread M 14. For installation on automobiles "GAZ - 3110" (engine ZMZ-406) with air-conditioner, "GAZ - 31105" (engine ZMZ - 406) with air-conditioner.


Maximum volumetric feeding dm³/min, no more than 8,0
Nominal volumetric feeding at 800 rotation/min dm³/min, no less than 4,5-5,3
Nominal volumetric feeding at 2000 rotation/min dm³/min, no more than 7,3
Pressure, MPa 9,0±0,5
Temperature of working liquid, °? -20+90
Torque frequency interval of input shaft, min-¹ 800-7500
Theoretical working volume, cm³ 8,7
Mass, kg 3,2
OJSC Borisov plant Avtogydrousilitel
222518, Republic Of Belarus
Minsk reg. Borisov city, Chapaeva str., 56
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