Steering gear with hydraulic booster

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Construction of steering gear with hydraulic booster  453461.420 (integral type) consists of mechanical reducer, hydraulic distributor of rotary type, built-in booster jack. Emission type: screw - ball nut - piston rack - bevel sector. For installation in steering control system of automobiles “KamAZ”.


Maximum load on a controlled axis, kg 5000
Maximum torque on output shaft of mechanism at maximum pressure 8,5 MPa, Nm 3800
Maximum allowed operating temperature of working liquid in system of steering booster of automobile, °C 90
Direction of helical groove of ball-and-screw transmission left
Transmission ratio of mechanism 21,7:1
Tuning of pressure control valve, MPa 8 ±0,5
Output of pump, used in steering gear, dm³/min min 9, max 15
Hydraulic backlash, no more than, degree 6,5
Full turning angle of shaft-sector, degree 85
Mass, no more than, kg 44
OJSC Borisov plant Avtogydrousilitel
222518, Republic Of Belarus
Minsk reg. Borisov city, Chapaeva str., 56
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