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"Borisov plant" Avtogidrousilitel is pleased to invite you on an ongoing basis already well-proven type of our products - ball-pairs.

This kind of production izgotovalivaetsya on modern high-tech equipment using high-precision systems, the calculation of friction loads.

Ball-pair production of our company has developed and is constantly being improved continuously with the latest achievements of tribology (the science of friction), thanks to modern products, production processes and quality we strive to reduce the cost of production and maximize the quality of our products. We offer a full range of ball-screw steam for use in machinery and steering mechanisms of vehicles both freight and passenger cars. It does not matter if you need a special design for your hardware, or a suitable standard products in our range for easy construction and quick delivery time, the JSC "Borisov plant" Avtogidrousilitel "there are solutions from small to very large sizes - for machine tools, termoplastoavtomatov, equipment general engineering. Our design capabilities to solve any problems raised by our partners and customers of our company to develop and introduce new types of ball-screw pairs.

Our ball-pair differs from the competitive, especially:

• High speed

• Small oscillations of torque

• Low noise and long term operation without maintenance

• High accuracy positioning

OJSC Borisov plant Avtogydrousilitel
222518, Republic Of Belarus
Minsk reg. Borisov city, Chapaeva str., 56
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