Steering gear with hydraulic booster

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Construction of steering gear with hydraulic booster 4310-3400020 consists of mechanical reducer, hydraulic distributor of axial type, built-in booster jack. Emission type: screw - ball nut - piston rack - bevel sector. For installation in steering control system of automobiles “KamAZ”.


Maximum load on a controlled axis, kg 5500
Maximum torque on output shaft of mechanism at maximum pressure 9 MPa, Nm 4000
Maximum allowed operating temperature of working liquid in system of steering booster of automobile, °C 90
Transmission ratio of mechanism 21,7:1
Tuning of pressure control valve, MPa 8,0-9,0
Distributor capacity, dm³/min 15
Turning angle of drop arms` shaft, degree. 86
Direction of helical groove of ball-and screw transmission left
Mass, no more than, kg 47,2
OJSC Borisov plant Avtogydrousilitel
222518, Republic Of Belarus
Minsk reg. Borisov city, Chapaeva str., 56
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